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position statement:

Mainly for domestic and foreign large and medium-sized enterprises is responsible for creating products and sales, responsible for product sales related processes; Has the keen market analysis ability and certain management ability.

job requirements:

1、 Have at least 1 years experience in related electronic products sales.
2、 Mechanical electronics specialty (sensor and cars), chemical and computer application is preferred.
3、 College degree or above, no men and women。
4、 Strong interpersonal communication skills, strong initiative, integrity, positive, honest and trustworthy。
5、Welcome excellent fresh graduates 。


1 to 3 months probation period, good work performance can be positive in advance;
Basic salary + commission, according to individual performance fee;
Five insurance, provide lunch, shuttle bus pick-up;
According to the provisions of the state holiday rest, enjoy the welfare treatment stipulated by the state。


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